Start Your Own Preschool with Kreedo

Kreedo offers the right elements to facilitate learning in existing preschools and establish new world-class preschools. The company provides child-centric curriculum, scientifically-designed learning materials, child evaluation methods, effective branding strategy and communication
methods, administrative tools, etc. If you want to open a preschool or upgrade the existing one, Kreedo should be your choice.

A Legacy of Excellence in the Preschool Business

Kreedo is a proud associate of Kido Enterprises – one of the oldest brands in India’s Montessori and preschool space. Since its foray in the segment, the group has been changing the way schools operate in the country. Over 3,000 teachers and 1,000 associated preschools are currently associated with the brand.

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It is the heart of any preschool in India. Kreedo offers a curriculum that covers all aspects of early development and focus on senso-motor, personality, language and cognitive development of little children. A team of early childhood educators, school owners, special educators, preschool teachers and Montessorians have contributed to the development of this child-friendly curriculum. Most importantly, the curriculum is updated with new practices and procedures.

Learning Materials

The learning materials are different from the traditional educational aids. Kreedo aims to make sure that these tools complement the curriculum. Moreover, these materials fulfill specific learning goals and focus on exploration and discovery. Entrepreneurs can choose from 180+ options that are aligned with Kreedo’s educational philosophy.

Teachers’ Training

The training sessions are conducted by academic experts from the industry. The training is imparted with the help of hands-on activities. It is supported by updated & software modules.

Academic Support

Apart from providing an updated curriculum, Kreedo provides a cutting-edge Learning Management System, which includes learning content, creating and managing children records, material presentation videos, assessment, etc. Teachers are also guided to manage their work in the best ways. Preschools will receive newsletters containing information about early childhood education sector and other updates. This support is very crucial to starting your own preschool in a successful manner.

Marketing Support

Kreedo helps in choosing the name, preparation of logo, pamphlets, brochures, templates, etc. The support also extends to promotional activities to attract maximum admissions. A team of marketing experts will also review marketing collaterals and suggest ideas for promotional events. In fact, the company provides specialised training sessions on how to take the most effective marketing initiatives.

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Upgrade Your Existing Preschool to a Modern, World Class Preschool

Kreedo offers special solutions for existing preschools. They help in taking the school to the next level in terms of teaching quality, curriculum, marketing, etc. You can begin from the basic option and then upgrade the education system later.

What are the Steps to Open A Kreedo Preschool?

Kreedo is not a preschool franchise provider but offers solutions to run a preschool effectively or start a new one.

  • Choosing an appropriate name for the preschool
  • Deciding on the preschool layout
  • Learning materials and furniture
  • Recruitment of teachers
  • Marketing initiatives
  • Setting up of administrative system
  • Implementing the curriculum
  • Technical set up

To open a Kreedo Playschool, you can visit the link: These preschools are popular for innovative curriculum, cutting-edge technological solutions, etc. Their team of experts will help you in starting a successful preschool.