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5 Business Ideas For Indian Women Entrepreneurs

As India progresses, we see many women entering the corporate world. This is indeed a welcoming trend especially in developing nations. And the number is only increasing. This has been combined with exponential growth in internet connectivity around the country.


Education business is booming in India. Indians are willing to spend money on their kids’ education and this means that there is still immense potential left in the industry. There are many brands that offer franchise opportunities. Taking a franchise and opening a preschool is a convenient way to start a new preschool. Some popular brands are SHEMROCK, Bachpan, Eurokids, Kidzee, etc.

If you want to establish a preschool, we would advise you to contact a franchise. And as they have hundreds of franchise in place, they can guide you in setting up a preschool. For example, you may not have the right resources to hire qualified teachers. Hence, it is a huge problem for budding women entrepreneurs. Now SHEMROCK chain of preschools offers recruitment support to franchisees. In the similar manner, they also provide marketing support, training support, etc.


If you want more from your ambitions, it’s better to open a primary school. In this manner, you will be able to take more students and earn more money. We would like to add that this will increase your responsibilities as you’ll have more children under your supervision. As we explained earlier, you can take the franchise of SHEMROCK preschools, Kidzee, Bachpan or any other brand.

When you set up a primary school, you are contributing to the formation of formal education. Hence, you should take it very seriously. As we suggested, you can take a franchise and open a primary school. And the franchise owners will guide you in providing effective education to children. They will provide marketing support, curriculum development support, recruitment, etc.


What’s better than setting up your own shop on leading e-commerce sites and selling directly to consumers. In an increasingly digital age, buyers are comfortable shopping online. This is clear from the boom that we’ve witnessed in the Indian e-commerce space. There are many Indian and foreign ecommerce players that can help budding entrepreneurs like you.

Now there are many big and small companies selling cosmetics. You can choose to sell their products or start your own brand. As you’d expect, selling known products are easier than starting a new line of cosmetics. It’s now your choice whether you will sell branded products or establishing a new brand. Health Care

Now health care is a broad term. It includes doctors, medicines, alternative medical care, etc. And there are many opportunities for young women entrepreneurs like you. You can take a franchise of medicines sellers/ healthcare products company and start your own business. You can also offer healthcare services through healthcare professionals. We would like to add that healthcare centers are frequently visited by people of all ages, thus giving interesting opportunities.


People will always buy clothes and this offers great opportunities to women entrepreneurs. And not just clothes for women, you can also sell clothes for men and children as well. Moreover, you can start your own brand and sell it through ecommerce websites or through own website. Setting up a website is easy but it may take time and efforts to promote the website. But selling branded clothes on ecommerce sites is easier than setting up your own brand.

Selling clothes can be broadly divided into multiple categories: affordable products, middle range and premium quality products. Selling clothes can fulfill your dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

So these are five business ideas for Indian women entrepreneurs. With hard work and dedication, you can also set up a successful business.

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