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5 Franchise Businesses with High ROI in 2018

If you are planning to start a business, buying a franchise is the best way to go. There is no dearth of hot franchises in our growing economy. You may consider a franchise in education, food & beverage, healthcare, grooming, etc. A franchise on an average asks for fixed investment and land. So, it’s always better to choose business opportunities that offer a high return on investment. In addition, a renowned brand will give you a good head start in the market.

Here is a list of top franchise opportunities with low investments:


A recession-proof business preschool is one of the most sought-after businesses in the country. It’s no secret that every parent wants the best education for their children and they are willing to spend money on it. So, you’ve huge opportunities to earn money while giving the best education to little children.

This business is for people who are serious about the education industry. As you’ll be handling the education of little children, you have to be very careful. There are many things to consider before buying a preschool franchise. If you want guidance, it’s better to join reputed names. Some of the preschools that provide franchise are SHEMROCK, Bachpan, Kidzee, EuroKids, etc.

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Reasons to Take a Preschool Franchise:

● Recession-Proof Business ● Growing Business in India ● You can Later Choose to Expand to a Senior Secondary School ● Respect in the Society


The restaurant business is highly popular because of good margins and popularity among consumers. Eating out is getting popular and several Indian and international brands are offering franchise opportunities. People who have an interest in the Food & Beverage business can open up fine dining restaurants, fast food restaurants, ice cream parlours, etc.

Reasons to Take a Food & Beverage Franchise: ● Rapidly growing industry ● Franchisors provide assistance related to technology setup and operations ● They will also provide training to new franchisees ● Guidance from expert management with huge experience in the Food & Beverage sector ● Other benefits like optimized food cost, recruitment support ● Assistance in setting up attractive interiors


Indians are taking to travelling and this offers great opportunities to budding entrepreneurs. There is no doubt that this industry will only grow in the near future. This is more true for the affluent section of the society. These individuals are willing to pay huge amounts for travelling abroad. And even middle-class people are keen on taking vacations. So, you’ve got a huge client base to deal with.

It’s an interesting fact that the travel industry is less affected by the recession. People like to take breaks from their work and plan yearly vacations, weekend getaways, etc. Hence, this trend is helping in the growth of this industry.

We would like to add that you will have multiple sources of income as well. For example, you can sell/offer car rentals, air tickets, tours, travel insurance, event tickets, hotel bookings, etc.

Reasons to Take Travel Franchise:

● Proven Franchise Model ● High Growth Rate ● Exciting Business Environment ● Ability to Develop Loyal Customers


This sector now applies to the needs of both men and women. Both are spending money on grooming activities. So, this also means that there are plenty of franchise opportunities in the market. Moreover, many reputed brands are also present in the sector. So, a budding entrepreneur can benefit from this trend.

You need to have an interest in beauty and fashion. Also, a desire to help the guests become beautiful will obviously help you. We would like to add that this is a high growth sector and revenues can be generated from multiple sources.

Reasons to Open a Beauty Sector/Grooming Sector Franchise:

● Tremendous Business Growth ● Guidance from Expert Management Team ● Multiple Revenue Streams ● Stable Business


If shopping excites you, this is the right opportunity for you. A retail franchise is also a lucrative business model. We already have many popular brands in the industry; thus, you can easily set up a mart or supermarket.

This sector has seen its ups and down. But there is still growth opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs. In addition, the retail sector has different categories like confectionary, grocery, etc.

As the Indian middle class is slowly getting used to shopping in comfortable retail stores, marts or supermarkets will grow in the near future. People want comfortable shopping experiences and you can also be a part of the revolution.

Reasons to Open a Retail Franchise:

● Impressive Growth Rate ● Presence of Reputed Brands ● A Proven Business Model

So, these are 5 hot franchise opportunities that offer a high return on investment. You should explore all the available options before making a final decision.

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