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Education in Bihar and Opportunities for Starting a New School

Home to the Nalanda & the Vikramshila Universities, Bihar has been a major centre of learning in India, since the fifth century. However, the education system in Bihar saw a drastic downfall because of armies of invaders and government failures.

The modern state of Bihar has an inadequate educational infrastructure, which has led to a huge gap between demand and supply. To complicate things further, with an increased population, the state’s need for quality educational institutions is rising rapidly. The student community of Bihar migrates to other states such as New Delhi and Karnataka, to seek educational opportunities and complete their higher education.

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Patna, however, has emerged as one of the notable learning hubs in the country. Schools in Patna are either run by the state government or by private trusts, organisations and missionaries. Government schools are affiliated with the Bihar School Examination Board and most of the private schools are affiliated with the ICSE, CBSE or NIOS Boards.

With growing awareness in the state and inclination of the student community towards attaining higher education, Bihar offers great opportunities for starting a new school. You can decide between opening a Pre-School, a Primary School, an Elementary School or a Senior Secondary School.

If you are inclining towards opening a Senior Secondary School in the state, be mindful of the fact that you require a higher amount of investment, increased land requirements, but also, reap higher returns. Opening an Elementary School or a Primary School doesn’t require as high capital investment as a Senior Secondary School. You can also choose between opening a co-ed school or a single gender school.

If you decide on opening a pre-school, you can start with a small investment. The land requirements are also not very stringent and you get to enjoy easy work timings with respect to the time that you have to devote to the school.

Before you set foot in the education system of the state, you need to know about all the legal requirements of opening a new school the state. You can also get an affiliation from the Education Boards in the State. As per your choice of school, you can get yourself accredited from the CBSE, ICSE, or the NIOS Boards and start your own school.

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