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Education in Madhya Pradesh & Opportunities for Starting a New School

The education system in Madhya Pradesh is well-developed and receives ongoing support from the Government. The state is home to some of the premier educational and research institutions of India including 2 central universities, 16 state universities, three deemed universities, 1 private university and 2 institutes of national importance – an IIT and an NIT.

The schools located in cities like Ujjain and Sagar are the oldest and finest in western India because of the quality of education. You can also be a part of the state’s education system, if you choose to open a Primary School or a Senior Secondary School or an Institute for Higher Studies in Madhya Pradesh.

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In Madhya Pradesh, the education at the school level is classified into three groups – primary, middle and high school education. You can choose to cater to any of these groups through your own school. You can also decide between opening your own private school or getting affiliation and opening a government funded school in the state.

To open a Senior Secondary School or an Institute for Higher Studies, you must be well-equipped with the funds and expertise required to run a K-12 school. Senior Secondary Schools require higher amounts of capital investments, greater land requirements and higher time devotion. The Senior Secondary segment can also prove to be a risky venture and may also pose a few challenges for you. But it does also get you some profitable returns.

Opening a middle school, does not ask for large capital investment. You can also choose to open a single gender school or a co-ed school, as per your preference.

Opening a primary school, offers you some definite advantages. You can open your primary school with a small investment and anticipate lucrative returns. You will have low interference from the government, you get to enjoy easy work timings and the land requirements for a primary school are not very stringent.

Keep in mind that before you open your new school in the state, you must acquaint yourself with all the legal aspects of opening a new school in the state. You can get affiliation for your school from the Education Boards in the State. As per your choice of school, you can get your school accredited from the Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education (commonly referred to as the MPBSE), or the CBSE & ICSE Boards and start your own school.

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