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Education in Uttar Pradesh and Opportunities for Starting a New School

Over the years since our independence, the state of Uttar Pradesh has continued to make investments in the education sector and has succeeded significantly in overcoming educational backwardness and illiteracy in the state.

The State Government has made persistent efforts to enroll and retain children in schools to effectively implement the education programmes and establish centers of education. The Government’s consistent efforts have resulted in getting the state a place among the few states which have successfully implemented the “Education For All Policy”.

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However, the state’s education system faces some complex drawbacks. Due to general public’s indifference, the public schools are run inefficiently. Privately run schools are functional, but are expensive and beyond the reach of the common man.

With increased efforts from the Government to aid you in opening a new school in the State, you have an option to decide between opening a Primary School, Middle School, Higher/Senior Secondary School or Institutes for Higher Education.

If you feel like you have the funds and the expertise to open a senior school, you can look forward towards opening your own Senior Secondary School. You should expect a higher amount of investment and increased land requirements, if you wish to open a Senior Secondary School or an Institute for Higher Education in the state, but it will also help you reap higher returns on your investment. Opening a Senior Secondary School can prove to be a risky venture. So have a risk-taking appetite and prepare yourself for any challenges you may face before you decide to open a Senior Secondary School.

If you wish to open a Middle School, the capital investment isn’t as high as in case of a Senior Secondary School and you can choose whether you wish to open a co-ed school or a single gender school or your private school or a government-funded school.

Opening a Primary school, offers you distinct advantages. You can start with a small investment and expect gainful returns. The land requirements are also not very stringent, you have low government interference and you get to enjoy easy work timings with respect to the time that you have to devote to the school.

Remember, before you begin your new venture in the state, you need to acquaint yourself about all the legal requirements of opening a new school in the state. You can get your school affiliated from the Education Boards in the State. As per your choice of school, you can get your school accredited from the Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad (commonly referred to as the U.P. Board), or the CBSE & CISCE Boards and start your own school.

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