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Franchise Market Growth Trends in Indian Education Sector

Franchising in India is growing at a fast pace. It is especially true for the education sector that is growing in urban, semi-urban and even rural areas. As India’s economy continues to expand, it has impacted the lifestyles of Indians. There is focus on education, english language and sports. All in all, an all round perspective is much sought-after in the education industry. And there is a surge in education brands that strive to fulfill these demands. Here we will discuss the franchise growth trends in the Indian education sector.

We will also take a look at some popular names in the Indian education sector. It should be noted that these names have devised different methodologies to revolutionize the way how students learn and grow. We will also discuss the franchise opportunities available with them and how you can set up a successful business with them.

Even the Indian government is keen to spend on education. Let’s have a look at budget expenditures on education. The estimated budgetary expenditure on health, education and social protection for 2018-19 is Rs.1.38 lakh crore. Kindly note that this is a notable 13% rise Over the last year expenditure. When our government wants children to have the best education, it will help in the expansion of education industry. In addition, private investment will also follow the trend. These private companies are also investing in technology-enabled education methodologies that are improving the quality of education in the country.


Many market researches expect the preschool sector to grow exponentially in the near future. In fact, the growth forecast for the education sector stands at 20% by 2020. The reason behind this growth is parents’ concern and awareness about the importance of pre-schooling. And they want their children the get the best education even before they enter formal education.

Now many entrepreneurs consider a franchisee to be a more feasible and stable option than starting their own brand. And franchisors are willing to offer supporting hand to their franchisees in numerous ways. They provide training to teachers working at these franchisees and they also help in the promotional activities.

Some popular and trusted names in the Indian preschool sector are SHEMROCK, Kidzee, Bachpan, Eurokids, etc. These companies have presence all over india. But they are still growing and this will help in the franchise market growth in the Indian education sector.


The above mentioned preschool chains also offer primary to senior secondary franchise opportunities to aspiring business persons. Like preschools, the support is available on different levels. Budding entrepreneurs can open a senior secondary school to benefit from the growing demand for quality education.

As the demand for quality education is there, and franchise segment will grow in the near future as well. Moreover, innovations in teaching methodologies will also assist in the growth of education sector. As our country develops, there is a need for such innovations especially in the field of english education and technology.

All said and done, the franchise education sector will grow. This will surely result in more business opportunities and improvement in the quality of education. Most importantly, brands will compete with each other to get the maximum share of franchise market which will result in betterment of the Indian education franchise segment. There will be some challenges but it should not stop this sector to grow.

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