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How to Start a CBSE-Affiliated Primary School?

Starting a new school is a dream fulfilled for many. This is more than a business decision. It is also an emotional decision as people invest their efforts, money and hearts into setting up a new school. But there are many questions to answer. How will you start a new primary school? How will you get the affiliation from CBSE? What are the legalities involved in the process? And there are many such questions that need to be answered.

Here we will try to cover all these questions. Once you’ve understood the procedure to open a primary school affiliated to CBSE, you can easily fulfill your dreams.

Step 1: Set up an efficient management team by forming a management board, society or trust. You will have to register it under the Societies Registration Act. We would like to add that the registration process is compulsory for private schools. It will also aid in getting affiliation from CBSE.

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The management or trust should have individuals who are passionate about education or have relevant qualifications & experience in the field.

Step 2: Next important step is to choose the site’s location. This is an important factor in deciding the success of your venture. So, be careful while choosing a site for establishing your school. If you don’t own the land, you can acquire it in two different ways: rent or lease the property.

After choosing the location, government officials may inspect the place. And you should keep all the documents clear and free from any legal trouble.

Step 3: Next important step is budget. As you can expect, there is a strict budget requirement to start a school. You‘ll have to pay for staff salaries, construction, maintenance, affiliation fees, etc.

Step 4: Now Get the necessary approvals from concerned government departments. The documents will be useful when applying for affiliation from CBSE.  You will need permissions, NOC and several other approvals for setting up a primary school.

Step 5: Now you can apply for affiliation from CBSE or any other board. Kindly note that this is a little lengthy process.

Step 6: In this step, you should recruit staff members for different positions, and buy desks, black boards, etc. We highly recommend that you plan beforehand the basic requisites to run a school.

Step 7: Once you are ready, plan an efficient marketing strategy. This is essential for the success of your school.

So, we have described the steps that are essential to setup a primary school. You can also take help from an established chain of schools.

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