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Land Requirements for Starting a New CBSE School

Starting a new school is a great business idea. But it is a lengthy and complicated process. It also requires knowledge, experience and hard work to make this business work. Here we discuss the land requirements that are required for starting a new CBSE school. There are rules in place and every new school has to follow that.

Speaking of land regulations, CBSE bye-laws clearly state that schools must have 1 acre of land in non-metro and 0.75 acre in metro regions. Moreover, there’s clarification on the size of classrooms as well.  The classrooms must have a minimum area of 1 Sq. m. per student. Moreover, the school should have ample facilities in place. Only after these requirements are fulfilled, a school can seek CBSE affiliation.

We would like to add that the minimum requirements differ by population, terrain, classes and streams.  So, kindly look at the following table to understand the minimum requirement of land as laid by CBSE for opening a school:

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1. Any urban / rural area – 1.5 acres (8094 Sq. Mtr.)

2. Metropolitan city with population exceeding 25 lakhs – 0.75 Acres (4047 Sq. Mtr.)

3. NCT, Delhi & other Metros – 2000 Sq. Mtr. ( For secondary school) / 3000 Sq. Mtr. ( For Senior Secondary School with two streams) / 4000 SM ( For Senior Secondary School with four streams)

4. Hilly Areas - 1 Acre (4047 Sq. Mtr.)

Moreover, it is recommended that there should be space for proper playgrounds and other activities. This is essential keeping in mind the competition in the education space.

We would also like to add that CBSE’s land requirements policy may change without any prior notice. Hence, the above provided information may differ from CBSE guidelines.

You can buy or lease the land. Kindly note that the land should be registered with the name of the trust/society of the school(In both the cases). Thereafter, you’ll have to obtain an NOC from the concerned departments like municipal corporation, health departments, etc. Only after the approval, you can start the construction work on the land.

So, we have covered the first and the most important step towards setting up your own school. We understand that this is a time consuming process and you can benefit from professional help. We would highly recommend that you choose a leading franchise to setup your first school.

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