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List of Required Documents to Start a New School – At a Glance!

When you are ready to give your business a ‘go’, there are a few things that you need to take care of before you can actually ‘go for it’. For instance, there are a handful of documents you need all set to be able to start your own venture without hassle. And it becomes even more crucial to have all your paper work ready when you want open a school.

So, here is the entire set of documents that you would need to start your very own school in India.

  1. The Registration Document of the School owning trust or society: You need to present your organisation as a nonprofit educational one, which is why you should first register as a trust or a society.

  2. Few other Trust/Society Documents: List of Information of Trust/Society Members, Affidavit of Relationship between Trust/Society Members, Memorandum of the Association, Rules & Regulations of the Trust/Society, etc. are a few examples.

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  1. The Essentiality Certificate from the Education Department: You would need this to buy land or get a land area on lease for your school setup.

  2. Affidavit of the School Act: This is actually a Legal Document that asserts that the new school will be run as per the provisions laid by the School Act of the corresponding State Government.

  3. Land Related Documents: These may typically include, Lease or Purchase Agreement, Building Plan, Blue Prints or other Proofs of Construction, etc.

  4. Documented Business Plan: This will typically be a strategic layout of how you are going to run your school.

  5. Documented Staffing Plan: Everything about how you will hire, who will hire, the payment terms and the budget for the same will also be needed on the papers.

  6. Audit Report of Financials: You would need a thorough Audit Report listing all your financial flows, with authenticated signatures of an auditor.

  7. Documents about School Administration: These would be all the documents to reflect the details of the functioning of your school, like the Facilities being offered, Logistics, Fee Structure, etc.

However, these are typically the documents that are required for opening a school almost anywhere in the country, the individual requisites by the different states for starting a school may vary, and so may the documents.

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