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Making the Right Decision – Starting a Play School vs Senior School

Many first-time entrepreneurs feel the need to jump at every “opportunity” they come across. Don’t start a business simply because it boasts large hypothetical profit margins and returns. It is not only important to create a profitable business, but it’s also important that you’re happy managing and growing it day in and day out.

If you choose to start your business venture in the education industry, you face the dilemma of starting your own preschool or a senior school. Here we help you look at both these options individually to weigh their suitability as your business prospects.

Opening a preschool is one of the profitable business options available today. Being an education industry venture, it offers you distinct advantages. Starting your own preschool gives you an opportunity to meet the growing need for quality preschool education. A preschool offers you the following benefits:

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  1. Low Entry Barriers & Minimal Government Interference

  2. Opening a preschool involves seeking very limited legal permissions.

  3. Increasing Need for Preschools

  4. As the importance of education is being understood far and wide, parents want to provide quality education to their children. The concept of preschools is gaining momentum because the children get due attention from the teachers, they learn different skills and are benefited by these early years of education.

  5. Low Investment Cost & High Return on Investment

  6. Preschools are comparatively easier to manage

  7. Once you start your preschool, it needs your constant focus and dedication, but even then, it is easier to manage in comparison to other business processes.

  8. Easy work timings

  9. Your work timings align with that of the school. So, your work timings are limited between 9am – 2pm.

  10. High degree of satisfaction as you are giving a foundation to so many children’s lives

  11. Parents enroll their kids in preschools with a belief that their child will learn and acquire skills under the supervision of trained professionals. Providing a sound foundation to these children’s lives gives a strong feeling of satisfaction.

  12. In comparison to higher schools that are not-for-profit organisations, preschools are a for-profit organisation

On the contrary, if you feel like you have the funds and the expertise to open a senior school, you can look forward towards opening your own K-12 school. Opening a Senior School often proves to be a risky venture and brings along a number of challenges for you to face, so be prepared for all such challenges and have a risk-taking appetite.

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