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Start A Cambridge Montessori Preschool Franchise

Cambridge Montessori is a reputed preschool brand in the country based on the internationally renowned Montessori philosophy propounded by Dr. Maria Montessori. A popular preschool franchise provider, it aims to provide a loving, compassionate & harmonious learning environment for young minds. Most importantly, international Montessori experts, qualified trainers, teachers and parents are involved in the formulation of policy, implementation of curriculum, etc. If you want to educate children with Montessori education methodology, Cambridge Montessori Preschool franchise is the best option.


Cambridge is dedicated to establishing preschools where children are encouraged to become independent and develop critical thinking skills. Moreover, all preschools are full of fun, excitement and love while preparing young children for successful lives. In simple words, the goal is not just running a profitable preschool franchise business. It’s about ensuring a better future for the children.


This education brand offers an affordable model of opening a preschool franchise in India. And it requires low investment for starting a preschool without compromising on the quality part. Kindly take a look at the basic requirements:

● Land Requirements: You need to have a property with an area of at least 3000 sq. feet.

● Investment: An investment of 10 to 12 lakhs is required for Cambridge Montessori Pre School Franchise in India.

For more information, you should visit: Their experts will help you in setting up and running a successful preschool in your city.


Managing a preschool is no easy task. Hence, a team of Montessori experts will provide guidance in the business operations, marketing initiatives, etc. This will also help in attracting maximum admissions and generating revenues in the long run. Most importantly, Cambridge is managed by one of the most experienced management team in the business. In addition, a cutting-edge school management software is provided to every franchisee.


There are six major learning programs: Little Hearts (1-2 yrs), Tender Hearts (2-3 yrs. Play Group), Nursery (3-4 yrs.), LKG (4-5 yrs.), UKG (5-6 yrs.) and day care. This is to ensure that children are educated with the help of age-appropriate activities. Additional programs like Mind Lab and teacher training programs can be organised to supplement the revenue streams of franchisees. The focus is on subjects & activities like Maths, Environmental Science, General Awareness, social games, poems, stories, health, hygiene, etc.

Interested to Open a School? Call +91-98107 75842 Chat on Whatsapp +91-9810775842 for more Details

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