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Start A Foster Kids School Franchise

A noble initiative of IHT Group, Foster Kids is a reputed preschool franchise provider in India. The Play School and Child care Franchises opportunities are available for individuals, entrepreneurs and existing schools. They provide guidance to start and manage the Preschool in the best ways. This preschool brand aims to become a Global Leader in Early Childhood Education, Childhood Education, Child Care & K-12 segment.


After the initial sign up of the Memorandum of Understanding, a welcome kit is presented to the franchisee. It contains to do lists, contact details, school launch manual, inauguration procedure, etc. In addition, you will get a comprehensive training session, which will be related to the business goals and market schemes. Assistance will be provided to set up the preschool franchise’s infrastructure as per the required guidelines.


This support system is called TOTAL SUPPORT SYSTEM and is designed to effectively assist franchisees in running the preschool. You will marketing support to run promotional activities and attract maximum admissions. The franchisor will also conduct training sessions for your preschool’s teachers. Other benefits include counselling sessions, academic support, etc. As Foster Kids is one of India’s top preschool franchises, you will benefit from an effective support system.


Foster Kids Play School is an initiative of IHT Group – A leading education group involved in IT, Vocational & Management education in India. Since 2003, the group has educated thousands of children with its 100+ establishments in India. A qualified & experienced team of management professionals run the group and aims to educate & inspire young minds to live successful lives.


The education system aims to develop children on different parameters such as creative skills, social skills, sensory development, personality development, environmental awareness, gross motor development, etc. Early childhood education is based on activities. Foster Kids’ curriculum comprises of activities that encourage kids to experiment, discover, reason, solve problems, interact, express and apply simple logics. In simple words, the learning environment is both exciting and educative.


As a Foster Kids Franchise, you can also run a daycare facility and provide working parents the right childcare service for their children. This is a highly successful additional revenue channel for franchisees. If you want to offer daycare facility, you will have to fulfill certain guidelines such as a hygienic & loving environment, skill development tools, trained caretakers, etc.

How to Open a Foster Kids Franchise – One of India’s Most Reputed Preschool Chains

If you want to open a preschool franchise, visit this link: Foster Kids is counted among the top franchise brands in India and this is also the perfect time to fulfill your dreams of becoming an edupreneur.

Interested to Open a School? Call +91-98107 75842 Chat on Whatsapp +91-9810775842 for more Details

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