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Start A Kangaroo Kids Preschool Franchise

THE PHILOSOPHY The education system is designed to help young minds to identify their own capabilities and work towards strengthening them. Moreover, students are encouraged to relish in the journey and gain knowledge. The curriculum also touch many other important aspects such as spirituality, values, ethics, the ability to apply knowledge/information. The focus is also on individuality and creativity over rote learning. This makes Kangaroo Kids one of the most respected preschool franchise brands in India.

GOALS Since its inception, Kangaroo Kids aims to set up world-class preschools franchises, nursery schools, kindergarten and Montessori schools in India. And to support the all-round development of the young learners, identify their capabilities and make them global citizens. Till now, it has helped students to grow into thinkers, innovators, lifelong learners, leaders and problem solvers.

RESEARCH-BASED CURRICULUM The curriculum is designed keeping in minds the growth of all domains of students – the head, the heart and the body. At all Kangaroo Kids preschools, learning is experiential, engaging, meaningful and effective. This is accomplished in a safe & supportive learning environment. A preschool’s infrastructure is also an effective part of a child’s learning journey. So Kangaroo Kids preschools have colourful & bright classrooms. Even the equipment and toys are completely safe.

METHODOLOGY The policies & principles are designed to suit the needs of children. The infrastructure, curriculum, and other aspects are developed to complement the learning process and make it more enjoyable for young minds. All policies are carefully planned, teaching-based and fulfills the developmental requirements of the children – cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development.

KANGAROO KIDS DAY CARE There has been an increase in the number of working parents in the country. As a result, there’s a huge demand for quality daycare facilities in India. With Kangaroo Kids daycare, you can provide quality care to children and multiply your revenue streams as well.

KANGAROO KIDS FRANCHISE If you want to open a preschool franchise, visit this link: Kreedo Kids is counted among the top franchise brands in India and you can have a successful entrepreneurship journey. Their team of experts will help you in starting a successful preschool. Hurry up and fulfill your dreams now!

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