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Top 5 Business Ideas for an Indian Housewife

Gone are the days when a woman only looks after her baby & home. Today’s women are multitasking. They can take care of their children, their home as well as make money by setting up a small business from their home itself. If you have the proper training, attitude and willingness to work hard, you can do business quite successfully. Depending upon your skill-sets, you can do various businesses from the comfort of your home. Since you do not have to go out on a regular basis, you can easily manage you family while doing your business simultaneously.

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Here are five great ideas for every housewife to get started:

  1. Start a Preschool: Opening a preschool is one of the best options for you to start your own business, especially if you love being around children. You can start your own school or buy a franchise of a leading school brand. You can hire your staff with the help of the franchisor, get admissions from the neighborhood homes and easily start your own school.

  2. Writing Jobs: Writing is another job that housewives can easily do from their homes. There are numerous content development jobs available online. You can procure the projects online and complete those within the stipulated time frame. The content can be of different types, viz. content for web, content for research work etc.

  3. Teaching or Tutoring: Tutoring is one of the most flexible business opportunities for anyone who wants to teach and help students excel. For women who have obligations at home, you can schedule your tutoring sessions at times that are suitable for you. You can even do them online via Skype or any other software. If you were a good student in any subject in your school days or college days, then you can continue your passion by providing home based tuition in the same subject. If you reside in a colony, then the business opportunity will be huge. Your tuition classes might provide relief for many parents, as they don’t have to search a class outside their colony. You can even conduct classes at the students’ home, if it’s suitable to you.

  4. Sewing: Indian women are fond of wearing customised dresses. Though ready-made dresses are available in market, most women prefer to wear custom clothing made by a tailor. Many women make some design changes and many redesign their dresses to have a well-fit dress. So if you also share a similar passion of designing and re-designing clothes, then here lies a huge business opportunity for you. You can start this business from your home and have your first clients from your neighboring homes and grow your business.

  5. Cooking & Catering Service: Today, more than half of the urban population is deprived of homemade food. So, if you’ve always had an interest in cooking, you could launch a catering service or small restaurant business and earn good returns by following your passion. Also, this is something that does not require any necessary qualification, so it’s one of the best options for women who love to try different versions of their culinary skills.

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