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Top Things You Must Know If Planning to Run a Play School

There is a difference in a child’s level of learning from direct instruction as in elementary schools versus an exploration guided learning as in a playway preschool learning. Preschool is a place where a child is beginning to discover about new things, learning to socialize and understand new concepts. Research has shown that when you ‘teach’ a child something, you deprive her of the pleasure of exploration and discovery. Here we will discuss things to consider before opening a preschool franchise and how to run it effectively.

A preschool should not operate like an elementary school. Children should be allowed to explore, inquire, play & discover. Direct instruction teaching may help preschoolers to learn specific facts and skills, but their curiosity and creativity gets hampered along the way. Children learn better if they’re encouraged to discover, rather than if they’re taught what to do.

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Listed below are some of the reasons that support the idea that preschool teaching should be different from elementary teaching methods:

  1. Teaching is effective when you want children to learn about something specific. But it also makes children less likely to discover new information and learn about some unexpected conclusion. Research shows that too much instruction actually harms the intellectual development of young children.

  2. Children learn valuable skills, including important social skills and cooperation with others, learning about new concepts, early math, etc. in a playway method, while it may appear as though they are just playing

  3. Some parents may take comfort in knowing their child is in an academic setting, but, this only makes a difference in the short term. A preschool should be designed in a manner that the child learns from caring teachers who stimulate her intellectual curiosity while imparting social skills.

It is important to give the children’s learning abilities a free rein to help them learn as they grow. That means giving them a positive environment with affectionate and supportive teachers who stimulate their growing minds with opportunities to play, explore and learn.

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